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  1. Follow Link: When you’re ready to give, simply follow the link: Give Now

  2. Enter Giving Info: Enter the giving information (fund, amount and frequency) for your donation.

  3. Enter Email: Enter the email that’s associated with your account.  If this is the first time you’ve given, enter the email you’d like linked to your giving account. After your first donation, your giving profile will automatically be created.

  4. Choose Payment Method: If it’s the first time you’ve given, you’ll be prompted to enter your payment method information. If you’ve given before, you’ll have the option to choose what method you’d like to use.

  5. Give! Your giving history will immediately post to your account.

Viewing your History and Updating your Profile:

  1. Follow Link: If you want to view your giving history, update your profile, or create an account before you give the first time, simply follow the link and select “Login” at the top left of the page: Give Now

  2. Enter your email: if you have already given or already have an account, simply type in the email associated with the account. If you’ve never given previously, enter the email you wish to use in association with your account.

  3. Access your email: a login code will be sent to your email account.  Access your email, and select the link that was sent to you. It will automatically bring you to your new or existing profile page (or you’ll see a “My Profile” link at the top left of the page).

  4. Add/Update your information: from your profile page, you can update your personal information, payment methods, set up recurring donations, and view your donor history and statements.

Note on Bank Transfers (ACH)

If your bank has an online Bill Payment Service, you can submit your tithes and offerings through your personal bank.

  • If you use a larger bank, such as Bank of America, utilize the “Bank Login” method.  Set up is as easy as logging into your bank account,
    and you can instantly begin transferring money.

  • If you use a smaller bank, use the “Micro-deposit verification” and follow the prompts.  This set up can take a bit more time, and will take 3-5 business days
    to fully process.

Micro-Deposit Verification Process Overview

Using this option, you’ll enter your bank information.  Within the next 3-5 business days, you’ll receive two small deposits into your bank account from “EVANGEL CHURCH.”  Once they are received, log back into your Giving Account, select “Pay Methods”, then select “Verify Bank”, and enter those two amounts. 

Once these amounts are entered, you should be set up to give! If needed, specify “Evangel Church” as your payee, and use the following information for the payee address:


Evangel Church
1414 E 103rd Street
Kansas City, MO 64131


Your bank will send Evangel Church the payment and we will record it towards your giving records just as if you had written the check yourself.

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